May 13, 2014


IMG_3433Chandan Mehta


Chandan Mehta, a multi talented man originally from Lakhanpur (Tarapur) Bihar, is in close terms with Sudhir Kumar for the last more than 11 years. They shared all about their struggle of life, their likings and their journey to success in their respective fields. It is a golden rule that “To make an association, you must have something common”. So, both these friends found a passion, common in them. It was the passion for films and making a name in the industry. Hence, they decided to make their dreams come true by venturing a production house in NCR itself. Till now, NCR has been known for a favourite destination to shoot a few scenes and even complete films, but the base of films had always been Mumbai. The duo has given a challenge to themselves of establishing a production house in NCR, thousands kilometer away from Mumbai and make it a success.

Talking about the traits Chandan has in his personality, the 38 year old Chandan has done his ITI in electrical but always disliked the life of carrying plier and screwdriver as a profession. After having a short association with ITC, he shifted to NCR to follow his dreams. He is an expert in designing web pages, known for his public relations capabilities and possess an excellent insight into the different aspects of films and cinematography.

Having a natural flare of an actor, Chandan’s father Shri Kumar Jawahar Azad, is a known name in the field of stage. Azad is a name known for his capabilities in Direction, acting and singing. The same qualities have been inherited by Chandan too. He used to compliment his father on Tabla, while he sing on stage. IN the early years of his life, Chandan has been associated with IPTA (Indian Peoples Theater Association), the association known for its deep roots in the culture of acts and street plays. During his association with IPTA Chandan used to participate in street plays on the direction of Safdar Hashmi.

In spite of having exceptional skills in drama, Chandan’s father never moved out of his native just because the love of his motherland. Chandan has always found his father to be his inspiration to proceed in the line of films and acts. After gaining expertise in web solutions, Chandan formed his own entity “Iinnomedia Solutions”. Chandan is very optimistic that with the first movie project with their firm ‘Insence Films’, his team would be banging on the established ones. He is sure of bring bollywood to NCR, once the project is completed.

On his punch line for motivating others Chandan says “God has never promised to have a trouble free life to anyone, But he has given opportunities and courage to few to conquer these difficulties, I wish I am one of them”.

With a confident smile Chandan says “Himmate Marda, Madade Khuda”

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